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Dimension 1 spas

With 46 years of excellence, Dimension One Spas® continues to inspire with our cutting-edge technology, unwavering passion, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our journey of innovation and success is a testament to our position as a global leader in the spa industry and aquatic fitness systems.

Spa Selection

Ideal for couples, patios or an intimate escape, 3 – 4 seat hot tubs offer intimate seating and massage options for ultimate relaxation.

5-6 seating options provide room for family or friends and a variety of jet configurations to get the perfect massage every time.

The largest of the hot tub options, these spas offer up to 9 seats to choose from and enough room for everyone.

All Spas

Amore Bay

Transform your space with the legendary Amore Bay®. Luxurious seating, patented Flex Therapy Pillows™, and soothing lights offer a personal retreat beyond a hot tub.

aurora spa


Aurora™—your oasis for relaxation or gatherings. Contoured seating, UltraLounge™ for a soothing hydro massage, and LFX package’s calming Chromotherapy for ultimate tranquility.

chairman spa


Lead in luxury with the Chairman™. Discover the UltraLounge™, patented Flex Therapy Pillows™, powerful jet pumps, and contoured seating. Your retreat of ultimate relaxation and therapeutic massage.

diplomat spa


Luxury meets harmony in the Diplomat™. High-performance lounge for ultimate relaxation. Seating for six, including three patented Flex Therapy Pillows™. No more seat negotiations, just pure indulgence.

nautilus spa


An aquatic haven for up to seven adults. Featuring patented Flex Therapy Pillows™ and high-performance seating, the Nautilus™ rejuvenates and relaxes tired muscles. Pure aquatic bliss.

nautique spa


Year-round vacation awaits with Nautique™. Four adjustable Flex Therapy Pillows™, a Typhoon Jet, and ample space for Tactile Therapy deliver a blissful retreat in your backyard.

serenade spa


Serenade™: Cozy, yet powerful. Seats three, UltraLounge™ therapy, and a patented Jet Therapy Pillow™. Let it serenade you into nightly peace.

triad spa


High performance in a compact design, the Triad™ offers head-to-toe therapy in the UltraLounge™ with patented Flex Therapy Pillow™. Immerse in relaxation or soothe aches in two seats with powerful accent jets.