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7+ Persons Spas

The largest of the hot tub options, these spas offer up to 9 seats to choose from and enough room for everyone.

nautilus spa


An aquatic haven for up to seven adults. Featuring patented Flex Therapy Pillows™ and high-performance seating, the Nautilus™ rejuvenates and relaxes tired muscles. Pure aquatic bliss.

nautique spa


Year-round vacation awaits with Nautique™. Four adjustable Flex Therapy Pillows™, a Typhoon Jet, and ample space for Tactile Therapy deliver a blissful retreat in your backyard.

Amore Bay

Transform your space with the legendary Amore Bay®. Luxurious seating, patented Flex Therapy Pillows™, and soothing lights offer a personal retreat beyond a hot tub.