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Inside this cozy spa lies a powerful hydrotherapy machine. It comfortably seats three and features semi-contoured, multi-level seating next to the head-to-toe therapy of the UltraLounge™ complete with a patented Jet Therapy Pillow™ to target aching shoulder muscles. Let the Serenade™ lull you into a state of peace every evening.

Serenade Specifications

Seating Capacity: 



83″ x 66″ x 30″

Number of Jets:


Dry Weight:

460 lbs (209 kg)

Filled Weight:

2042 lbs (926 kg)

Water Capacity:

240 Gallons (910 Liters)


60 HZ: (60 Hz): 240 VAC@30A or 40A

Spa Shell Color

Desert Stone
Smoked Marble
Ultralife Grey
Ultralife White
Ultralife White

Spa Cabinet Color

Driftwood Grey
Midnight Maple
Vintage Cedar

Customise Your D1 Spa

Personalize your D1 spa to perfection. Below, explore our interactive tools to preview colors. Craft a spa that reflects your style and create a sanctuary designed exclusively for you.

ultra life shell


Exclusive UltraLife®material is engineered with superior resistance to the effects of sunlight, chemicals, and weathering. Its unique, slip-resistant material is unmatched by any other hot tub material. The timeless beauty of softly textured UltraLife®is easily maintained, doesn’t require special cleaning solvents, and blends with any décor or color scheme. UltraLife®material has a lifetime warranty and will look like new years after your purchase.

accent jets

Accent Jets

Say goodbye to slippery underwater jets and say hello to personal control. D1’s patented accent jets adjust and interchange with a simple twist motion for a customized massage. These jets also feature a patented, contemporary shape unlike any in the industry.

crystal FX

Crystal FX™

The Crystal FX™ lighting system creates a relaxing, colorful experience in your hot tub. Based on Chromotherapy, these brilliant underwater jewels of faceted light captivate the soft, luxurious interior to create the perfect mood. Crystal FX™ utilizes long-life LEDs and features eight colors and two dynamic light shows, from calm and soothing, to vibrant and rejuvenating, to visually enhance your hot tub soaking experience.

tactile therapy

Tactile Therapy

The ancient art of reflexology and acupressure have brought relief from aches and pains to millions of people around the world. D1’s tactile therapy consists of various-sized therapeutic “bumps” that have been grouped together at key acupressure points for the arms, hands, wrists and feet. These bumps stimulate trigger points in these areas, providing you with an acupressure massage.

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We appreciate your interest!

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