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The Triad™ is the perfect hot tub for those who demand high performance in a compact package. Immerse yourself in total head-to-toe therapy in the UltraLounge™ featuring a patented Flex Therapy Pillow™ for a neck and shoulder massage. Or sit and soak in two seats with powerful accent jets that will soothe away aches and pains.

Triad Specifications

Seating Capacity: 



84″ x 66″ x 36″

Number of Jets:


Dry Weight:

591 lbs (635 lbs w/ Sequencer)

Filled Weight:

2,718 lbs (2,762 lbs w/ Sequencer)

Water Capacity:

255 Gallons


60 HZ: 240 VAC@30A, 40A or 50A

Spa Shell Color

Desert Stone
Smoked Marble
Ultralife Grey
Ultralife White
Ultralife White

Spa Cabinet Color


Customise Your D1 Spa

Personalize your D1 spa to perfection. Below, explore our interactive tools to preview colors. Craft a spa that reflects your style and create a sanctuary designed exclusively for you.

smart tub feature

Patented SmartTub® System

Dimension One Spas® revolutionizes hot tub control with the D1® SmartTub® System, empowering users to conveniently manage their spa remotely through a dedicated app, ensuring convenience, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

ultrapure plus resized

Ultrapure™ Plus

Combining UV light and ozone and doubling the square feet of filtration even while your spa is in use, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your spa. Standard on Amoré Bay® and Reflections® Collection models.

flex therapy pillow

Flex Therapy Pillow™

The Flex Therapy Pillow™ features exclusive, adjustable neck and shoulder jets. These patented jetted pillows are easy to reposition to just the right height whether you are 5’2″ or 6’5″.

dynamic sequencer

Dynamic Massage Sequencer™

The Dynamic Massage Sequencer™ features individual controls and six pre-programmed massage combinations to target different body zones that turn an ordinary hot tub soak into an extraordinary, full-body hydrotherapy experience. This digital control panel includes an active therapy display, pause control for specific pain areas, speed control to adjust your sequence time, and silent valve operation for a peaceful experience.

tactile therapy

Tactile Therapy

The ancient art of reflexology and acupressure have brought relief from aches and pains to millions of people around the world. D1’s tactile therapy consists of various-sized therapeutic “bumps” that have been grouped together at key acupressure points for the arms, hands, wrists and feet. These bumps stimulate trigger points in these areas, providing you with an acupressure massage.

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We appreciate your interest!

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